March, 2014

Mar, 12: RESOLVED - Due to a technical issue, the service was unreachable within 10:05 A.M - 10:15 A.M (Server Time, GMT-4). This was sorted out quickly and preventive measures were taken to avoid this from happening again. The service is now running fine! If you were affected by this, please contact Support and you'll be compensated accordingly. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!

February, 2014

Feb, 03: RESOLVED - Due to the Asian Holidays we have slightly fewer workers online than usual, which could result in short intermittent overloads during some of the afternoon EST hours. However, we are working on adding more workers and you should still be able to submit most of your volumes successfully. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated!

January, 2014

Jan, 30: RESOLVED - Our LiveSupport interface is under maintenance at this moment. For this reason you might not be able to use the platform successfully. Please contact us through help@deathbycaptcha.eu.

Jan, 29: RESOLVED - We are currently performing an emergency server update, which is causing image rejections for certain customers. We expect this to be resolved in about 15 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jan, 27: RESOLVED - We are going through intermittent high service loads due to a demand peak. We're adding even more workers to mitigate this situation. Your patience and understanding is really appreciated!

September, 2013

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May, 2013

May, 20: GOOD NEWS! - We mean it when we say we appreciate your business. That's why we're running a program to reward your loyalty! :-) . Please visit the ''DBC Points'' section for more info.

April, 2013

Apr, 29: Our sincere apologies if you weren't able to access our website* (*API access remained functional) during part of the day. We faced a technical issue that's now fixed and proper measures have been already taken to ensure it doesn't happen again. If you were negatively affected by this, please contact support. We truly appreciate your business!

March, 2013

Mar, 06: *About Recent Payments: Your recent payments might have arrived with some delay due to our last server upgrade. This is fixed now, and your *completed purchases are now added. Our sincere apologies for the inconveniences this may have caused you.

Mar, 06: *About The Service Status: We upgraded our servers during midnight and then later faced some connection issues with our hosting provider. This caused intermittent interruptions with the service that are now sorted out.

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