November, 2016

Nov, 20: RESOLVED - Today, the service went through emergency server updates that may have prevented you from using it normally. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused you. The service is now back to 100% and you should be able to use it successfully. If you're not able to do so, or if you were negatively affected by this, please Contact Us (deathbycaptcha.com/user/contact) and we'll help you out. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Nov, 11: We've been making adjustments to our systems and you should now be getting even higher correctness rates :)!

July, 2016

Jul, 28: RESOLVED - DDoS attacks contracted by certain competitor have been once again successfully mitigated. You should have noticed no loss in service quality (only the website was temporarily unreachable; API availabilty wasn't affected). However, now that we have discovered the identity of the culprit, they will be dealt with soon. With love from Russia.

Jul, 13: RESOLVED - Due to issues with our mailing platform, some service emails may still arrive unusually late. This will be fixed shortly. Please, contact Support (http://deathbycaptcha.com/user/contact) if you need immediate assistance. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

May, 2016

May, 16: RESOLVED - Due to issues with one of our providers, you might face inconveniences when visiting www.deathbycaptcha.eu and api.deathbycaptcha.eu. We recommend you use the .com version of our website/API (api.deathbycaptcha.com) until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience!

April, 2016

Apr, 11: RESOLVED - There might be a small delay on automated emails (account confirmation email, password reset, etc) due to an inconvenience with our mailing setup. This will be taken care of in no more than 24 business hours, but please do not hesitate to Contact Support if anything and we'll gladly assist you. We appreciate your business!

March, 2016

Mar, 15: RESOLVED - Due to festivities in our workers' countries, we might* face sporadic capacity constraints during the course of this week. We're working hard to ensure your results are not affected by this. We appreciate your business!

Mar, 14: RESOLVED - You may notice sporadic high service loads during the course of the day. However, your work shouldn't be affected by this, as we're working hard to ensure all goes smooth with your submissions. If you're facing issues because of this, please contact Support and we'll gladly assist you.

Mar, 09: Latest news! Download our updated Python/PHP/Java API client libraries with improved compatibility.

February, 2016

Feb, 27: RESOLVED - Due to a Scheduled Server Maintenance, you may not able to login and/or create a new account on Sunday 28th, between 9:00 A.M - 11:00 A.M GMT-4. You should be able to do so normally afterwards. We appreciate your business!

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