Browser extensions

These plugins allow you to automatically solve CAPTCHAs found on any website!

  • No user interaction required: With our captcha browser plugin, you`ll have a hassle-free experience - CAPTCHAs are recognized automatically, in the background.
  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive interface that allows you to get started right away.
  • Automate your work to a next level: With just a few clicks, you save time and energy.
  • No more annoying "Select all cars" on those tiny images: Our plugin handles these challenges seamlessly, so you can focus on the tasks that matter most to you.

In addition to these features, our plugin also offers robust security measures to ensure your data and privacy are protected. With regular updates and improvements, you can trust our plugin to deliver reliable and effective CAPTCHA-solving capabilities.

Available versions

Firefox Extension

Get the Firefox extension from the Mozilla Add-ons store:

Mozilla Add-ons

Chrome Extension

Get the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store:

Chrome Web Store

How to use Death By Captcha`s browser extensions

  1. Add the Death By Captcha extension to your browser

  2. Enter your Death By Captcha credentials

  3. Start using the captcha bypass extension!

Status: OK

Servers are fully operational with faster than average response time.
  • Average solving time
  • 3 seconds - Normal CAPTCHAs (1 min. ago)
  • 28 seconds - reCAPTCHA V2, V3, etc (1 min. ago)
  • 22 seconds - hCAPTCHA & others (1 min. ago)


  1. Apr 26: RESOLVED - The website (the API remained/remains fully functional) was sporadically inaccessible due to network issues on April 25th & 26th. This situation was fully resolved and everything is back to 100%.
  2. Feb 26: NEW TYPE ADDED - Now supporting Friendly CAPTCHA!! See the details at
  3. Nov 22: Now supporting Amazon WAF!! See the details at

  4. Previous updates…


Our system is designed to be completely user-friendly and easy-to-use. Should you have any trouble with it, simply email us at DBC technical support emailcom, and a support agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

Live Support

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