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  1. May 26: Today and tomorrow (May 27th), in order to offer a more stable service and, eventually, new valuable features for you, we'll be rolling some planned service updates that may momentarily affect your solving operations - we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you! Please, don't hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance.
  2. Apr 14: RESOLVED - Today we are facing some technical/networking issues that may result in sporadic overloads, affecting a portion of certain submissions. We're working hard to have it sorted ASAP. If you've been affected by this and/or need to contact us for anything, please reach out and, rest assured, you'll be compensated accordingly. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  3. Apr 05: RESOLVED - Today you may experience a delay getting your purchase credited on your DBC account, we apologize for the inconvenience! We're working to get this process back to normal ASAP. If your order was completed successfully, it will be added shortly in your account. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out and you'll hear back from us in less than 24hrs.
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Our system is designed to be completely user-friendly and easy-to-use. Should you have any trouble with it, simply email us at DBC technical support emailcom, and a support agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

Live Support

Available Monday to Friday (10am to 4pm EST) Live support image. Link to live support page

Download the api client based example codes:

New Hcaptcha API support

What's "new Hcaptcha"?

They're challenges that typically require the user to align and click on certain images.

For your convenience, we implemented support for Hcaptcha API. If your software works with it, and supports minimal configuration, you should be able to decode Hcaptchas using Death By Captcha in no time.

  • Hcaptcha API: Provided a site url and Hcaptcha site key, the API returns a token that you will use to submit the form in the page with the Hcaptcha challenge.


For the time being, price is $3.99/1K Hcaptcha challenges correctly solved. You will not be billed for Hcaptcha reported as incorrectly solved. Note that this pricing applies to new Hcaptcha challenges only, so only customers using this specific API will be charged said rate.

Hcaptcha API FAQ:

What's the Hcaptcha API URL?

To use the Hcaptcha API you will have to send a HTTP POST Request to

What are the POST parameters for the Token image API?

  • username: Your DBC account username
  • password: Your DBC account password
  • type=7: Type 7 specifies this is a Hcaptcha API
  • hcaptcha_params=json(payload): the data to access the hcaptcha challenge
  • json payload structure:
    • proxy: your proxy url and credentials (if any).Examples:
      • http://user:password@
    • proxytype: your proxy connection protocol. For supported proxy types refer to Which proxy types are supported?. Example:
      • HTTP
    • sitekey: the hcaptcha site key of the website with the hcaptcha.


      You need to locate site key of HCaptcha. You can locate hcaptcha's div element and check the value of data-sitekey parameter.

      • 56489210-0c02-58c0-00e5-1763b63dc9d4
    • pageurl: the url of the page with the Hcaptcha challenges. This url has to include the path in which the Hcaptcha is loaded. Example: if the Hcaptcha you want to solve is in, pageurl has to be and not
    The proxy parameter is optional, but we strongly recommend to use one to prevent token rejection by the provided page due to inconsistencies between the IP that solved the captcha (ours if no proxy is provided) and the IP that submitted the Hcaptcha for verification (yours).
    Note: if proxy is provided, proxytype is a required parameter.

    Full example of hcaptcha_params:

        'proxy': 'http://user:password@',
        'proxytype': 'HTTP',
        'sitekey': '56489210-0c02-58c0-00e5-1763b63dc9d4',
        'pageurl': ''

What's the response from the Hcaptcha API?

The Hcaptcha API response has the following structure. It's valid for one use and has a 2 minute lifespan. It will be a string like the following:


Which proxy types are supported?

Currently, only HTTP proxies are supported. Support for other types will be added in the future.

Using Hcaptcha API with api clients:


          import deathbycaptcha
          import json
          # Put your DBC account username and password here.
          username = "username"
          password = "password"
          # you can use authtoken instead of user/password combination
          # activate and get the authtoken from DBC users panel
          authtoken = "authtoken"
          # Put the proxy and hcaptcha data
          Captcha_dict = {
              'proxy': 'http://user:password@',
              'proxytype': 'HTTP',
              'sitekey': '56489210-0c02-58c0-00e5-1763b63dc9d4',
              'pageurl': ''}
          # Create a json string
          json_Captcha = json.dumps(Captcha_dict)
          # to use socket client
          # client = deathbycaptcha.SocketClient(username, password, authtoken)
          # to use http client
          client = deathbycaptcha.HttpClient(username, password, authtoken)
              balance = client.get_balance()
              # Put your CAPTCHA type and Json payload here:
              captcha = client.decode(type=7, hcaptcha_params=json_Captcha)
              if captcha:
                  # The CAPTCHA was solved; captcha["captcha"] item holds its
                  # numeric ID, and captcha["text"] item its list of "coordinates".
                  print ("CAPTCHA %s solved: %s" % (captcha["captcha"], captcha["text"]))
                  if '':  # check if the CAPTCHA was incorrectly solved
          except deathbycaptcha.AccessDeniedException:
              # Access to DBC API denied, check your credentials and/or balance
              print ("error: Access to DBC API denied," +
                     "check your credentials and/or balance")