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  1. Nov 21: RESOLVED - We're undergoing network issues that are causing higher than usual solve times. Please, bare with us while we sort this out - we're taking all possible measures to restore service stability as fast as possible. We expect the service to be back to normal shortly. We appreciate your patience and understanding!
  2. Nov 07: You may experience sporadic high service loads during certain late morning / early afternoon hours (GMT-4). We're taking measures to mitigate this and we expect to sort this out shortly. We'll do everything within our hands to ensure your work is not substantially affected during these hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding!
  3. Nov 03: RESOLVED- We faced some server issues over the weekend that may have prevented you from sending some of your volumes. The issues are sorted out, and you should now be able to send all your images successfully. If you were affected by this, please contact support and we'll compensate you. We appreciate your business!
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