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Today's average accuracy rate: 91.7 %
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  1. Nov 16: RESOLVED - Our system is going through technical issues at certain morning/noon (GMT-4) hours that are affecting the overall quality of service. Thus you may get higher than usual solve times/rejections at those times. We're working hard to have this solved ASAP (it's our No.1 priority) and estimate we'll have a solution for this within the next 48hrs. We appreciate your patience and understanding! Please, feel free to contact Support if you need additional assistance.
  2. Nov 10: RESOLVED - Yesterday (Monday 9th) the service experienced some issues - that we have fixed and are not expecting to face again- that may have prevented you from successfully using the service. If you were affected by this, please contact Support and we'll compensate you.
  3. Oct 12: RESOLVED - The service may experience sporadic high service loads during certain late morning / early afternoon hours (GMT-4). We're taking measures to mitigate this as we speak. We'll do everything within our hands to ensure your work is not substantially affected during these hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding!
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Our system is designed to be completely user-friendly and easy-to-use. Should you have any trouble with it, simply email us at com, and a support agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

Live Support

Available Monday to Friday (10am to 4pm EST)



I've got a CAPTCHA that I want to solve. Can you help me? If so, how does your system works?

Yes. You just need to send us your CAPTCHA image through one of our API clients, we solve it and we send you back the CAPTCHA text. Don’t worry! There are many software out there that can automate this process for you.

I’m a bit lost. How can I use your service?

You can use our service by either using a pre-existing automation software, or by developing your own automated application. If you couldn’t find a helpful software or don’t know how to develop an application that can help you bypass your CAPTCHAs, click here for additional help.

How can I setup your service in the software that I bought?

You need to register an account in Death By Captcha.

You must then look into your software Settings for “Captcha”, “Captcha Services” or “Captcha Settings”. Once there, you must select DeathByCaptcha as your Captcha Solving Service of choice and enter your username and password.

Credit your Death By Captcha account by purchasing CAPTCHA packages.

If Death By Captcha is not included in the software you bought, you can still use our service through our DeCaptcher and Antigate APIs.

My software is asking for a license key, where can I get it?

Death By Captcha does not require a license key to use the service. If you are using a software which requires a license key, leave the field as it is or empty.

What's your port number?

It depends on the API client that your application/software uses:

  • standard port for HTTP: 80
  • socket API: 8123–8130
  • DeCaptcher socket API: 8223
Do I have to pay for incorrectly solved CAPTCHAs?

No! You don't pay for incorrectly solved CAPTCHAs.

The software that you use must have the “Report as incorrect“ function implemented. This function will be responsible of telling our service if the CAPTCHA that we served was incorrectly decoded.

Please note that you should report an incorrectly solved CAPTCHA within an hour (60 minutes) of its submission, because we recycle space every 60 minutes.

You state you decoded my CAPTCHA correctly, but my application is telling me otherwise.

If the captcha was properly decoded on a timely manner, we cannot be held liable for the upcoming result of your activity. This is so because many factors out of our hands can affect this.

You can verify your recent submissions while you're logged to our website, here There you'll see your submissions (last 60 minutes) and the responses we're giving you, allowing you to cross-check your reports.

If we detect your application is marking even correct images as wrongly decoded, we may have to put your account on hold until we can clarify the situation with you.

My account has been banned! What can I do?
Contact us ( and we'll work things out :-)
I don't know how to implement your service/API into my bot, what can I do?

I. You could try software like ZennoPoster or Ubot, which will allow you to automate almost any particular task you want, without too much hassle.

These process automation software give you the tools to easily create a bot with little-to-none programming skills.

II. You can get a programmer to write a bot script that suits your needs using Death By Captcha API to solve CAPTCHAs automatically. If you don't have the required programming skills to extract, store and send us the CAPTCHA, we recommend you to hire an overseas freelance programmer to help you in this task.

The price for this customized script can be in the range of $50 to $250 depending on the expertise of the freelance programmer. The top websites (that we ourselves use) to hire freelancers are and

Is your service running 24/7?

Yes it is.

Do you support all types of CAPTCHAs?

We support most types of CAPTCHAs in the market, although we are working hard to cover a wider range of options. Here are some of the ones we are NOT currently supporting : Case Sensitive, Animated and Math.

My CAPTCHAs contain numbers only, how can I mark them as such?

No, we don't have such feature. Check the text we send you in your scripts, report incorrectly solved ones if check fails.

Can I upload CAPTCHAs in Russian, or not in English in general?

Better not to, we don't have solvers able to read non-English CAPTCHAs yet.


How can I buy a CAPTCHA package?

1. Once you’re logged into Death By Captcha, click on the Order CAPTCHAs bottom link, and then you’ll see all the plans (and their prices) we provide.

2. Chose the plan and Payment Processor that suits you and click on “Order Now“ link at the right.

3. Fill the page with your personal information and follow the instructions the page will provide to you.

Do you accept direct payments through PayPal?

We do accept PayPal, but only through our Payment Processors (Avangate). We don’t accept direct PayPal-to-PayPal money transfers.

How can I pay using PayPal or my credit card?

You can do so through our Payment Processors.

We use the following Payment Processors:

Go to the Order CAPTCHAs page for more detailed information about our Payment Processors and our packages and prices.

I paid about 10 minutes ago and my account isn't credited yet. How much does it takes for the CAPTCHAs to be credited into my account?

It usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes for the CAPTCHAs to be credited into your account. If for some reason your credit hasn’t showed up in 30 minutes, there might be a problem with the information provided when purchasing the packages and our payment processor may give you a call to verify the data you provided.

Your payment processor keeps asking me about my personal information. What can I do to avoid this hassle and get my CAPTCHAs?

Try to order using the same e-mail you used to create your Death By Captcha account (while logged into Death By Captcha, you can change your e-mail by clicking on the My Account link).

Try to avoid using your payment information from a public network, a proxy, or from a different region/country.

Only insert real/valid information.

The payment processor will not approve your order if you provide incomplete or invalid information, even if you’re paying with a verified PayPal account.

My bank account was already charged and my order was flagged for verification. I won't provide my personal information to your payment processor. Will they keep my money?

No. If you don't provide them the information they require, they'll refund the money involved in the purchase.

Why do I have to pay more for your service during certain hours of the day?

We rely on a workforce that is mostly located in South Asia and South-East Asia. The Nighshift Worker Compensation is intended to increase the amount of workers online during their nighttime, thus, increasing the overall capacity of the service. Please read here for more information.

I bought a package before the ''Nightshift Worker Compensation'' policy, should I pay more for these CAPTCHAs as well?

No, the Nightshift Worker Compensation will go live after you have used up the CAPTCHA balance purchased before 2012-12-03 10 A.M Server Time.

How can I keep track of the CAPTCHAs that I send during Nightshift Worker Compensation?

1. Login with your credentials.

2. On My Account page, check below `User Details & Statistics`.

3. Check on the entry `Nightshift Captchas Total:`


Do you offer full technical support?

Yes, but our support is limited to the integration and troubleshooting of our API clients.

I'm a developer and I'd like to implement your service into my software. How can I integrate one of your API clients?

You can integrate our service with almost any software/bot/application using our API clients. Go to our API clients page for more detailed information. There you can find the most common PHP and C# examples. Every API client package contains a README file with the interfaces explained.

Do you have instructions on how to implement your API?


Would you help me to code a bot?

No. We currently can't offer custom programming, considering that our team of developers is 100% focused on Death By Captcha internal tasks.

What happen if you can't solve the CAPTCHA after the timeout (default as 60 seconds), do you charge me if the timeout is expired?

That solving timeout is purely client-side, so that the client do not poll for CAPTCHA status for too long. We will charge you anyway if the CAPTCHA you've uploaded has been solved within our internal solving timeout, which is 3 minutes.

However, with our average solving timeout around 10–12 seconds it usually works out for our users just fine.

Can I use your service from different IPs?


Can I use your service in many threads?